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IACE 2019 – Day 7

IACE 2019 – Day 7

Today we woke up with the sun on our faces. Because of the nice weather in Switzerland, some of us just decided to go for a hike on Piz Nair. We ride on the cable car and walked to the top of the mountain (over 3000m AMSL). Woo! That’s really a beautiful view. Some of us were preparing the speech for 1st August (The Swiss National Day). Then, we joined together at Samedan Airport for glider flying and we definitely had a great afternoon there. We had the opportunity to start by winch launching. We thank Engadin Airport for offering each one to have a winch launch. Some of us with the glider license even could fly by themselves. Afterwards, we walked to the lake of Staz and had a barbeque there with a typical Swiss dessert (Bündner Nusstorte). We chatted together and played the game called Werewolf and then walked back under the shining stars to our accommodation. There we got ready for bed and ready for the next day.

Emily (Hong Kong Cadet)

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