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IACE 2019 – Day 5

IACE 2019 – Day 5

Another great day in Switzerland! After having a wonderful breakfast in our accommodation Inn Lodge, we went to Morteratsch by train for the geological tour at the glacier with Christine. Wow! With the sharing with Christine, we knew a lot of history about the glacier and also about Switzerland. Few questions from Christine really inspired us a lot in how to protect the glacier. Thank you very much, Christine! Then we met Willi, Susi and Thierry at the train station and had a nice time in a restaurant nearby. The hot drinks made us warm on a cooling day! Oh! The hiking journey is not finished yet! We then travelled to Piz Diavolezza by the Diavolezza cable-car. We climbed the Mt. Pers which is 3207 meters high! The view there was perfect. We really enjoy hiking and got a lot of fun today! Most of us felt hungry after hiking for a long time, we went to the village Pontresina by train and had a pizza night! Those pizzas are all bigger than our faces! We all got very full of that! We all had our free time after that. What a wonderful day!

Emily (Cadet Hong Kong)

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