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IACE 2019 – Day 3

IACE 2019 – Day 3

Today was a very special day for us. In fact, we had the opportunity to fly in light aircrafts owned by the Segel- and Motorfluggruppe Grenchen through the mountains of Switzerland from Grenchen to Gruyères, a special airfield to land on with its sportive approach. Then, we went to a place everyone was expecting, an emblem of Swiss savoir-faire: the Cailler chocolate factory. There, we had the opportunity to discover the history of chocolate and the chance to taste some. In order to take some rest and to escape from the heat, we went then to eat by the river called Sarine. Finally, we walked through the streets of the ancient village of Gruyères, where we could listen to some musicians playing traditional alphorn. After this long day, it was time for us to go back by car to Grenchen, and to take some time discovering the impressive Swiss dams, one of the most important method to produce power in the country. Now, it is time for us to sleep well before the next days in the Engadina, which will be for sure, unforgettable.

Eleanor (French Cadet)

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