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IACE 2019 – Day 2

IACE 2019 – Day 2

Today the first full day of our IACE adventure began with a guided tour of the wonderful historic city of Solothurn. The guided tour throughout the town taught us about the rich history of Solothurn and Switzerland. The tour guide was extremely polite and knowledgeable about the city and its history, giving us all a new insight into Swiss culture and history. After having lunch next to the clear blue river Aare and a bit of wandering throughout the city, it was time to board a river boat and take a short trip down the river to Altreu, enjoying the hot sunshine and views of the Swiss mountains and river beaches. Upon departing the vessel, we stopped for a brief drink at the green monkey café, upon after we headed down to the swimming pool to cool off in the blistering sun. Finally, we were yet again treated to a delicious meal at the Tennischugele Restaurant. Some of the cadets went down to the tennis court to have a friendly game of tennis, while the rest prepared to turn in. Tired but with a lot of new impressions it’s time to say good night. We are looking forward for tomorrow’s flight to Gruyère!

Good night, Max (Belgium Cadet)

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