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IACE 2019 – Day 13

IACE 2019 – Day 13

Setting an alarm at 4:00 o’ clock in the morning was quite a challenge. If it wasn’t for being on time for a balloon flight overhead Bern, we probably would not have been sat in the car up with a smile on our faces at 4:30am! At 5:30am we arrived at Bern airport to meet the pilots and to help get the balloons ready. Once the sun came up and the mist lifted, we were ready for take-off! Although many of us being pilots we were impressed by the silence! First, we flew over Bern, the capital city. Our pilots pointed features out such as the parliament building situated in the old town. Afterwards, we flew across valleys. We flew about 20km/h which allowed us to observe the environment really well. We were so low that we even heard a dog barking! After about two hours, the pilot searched for a landing spot. With a field insight we preceded to land. The farmers helped us folding the balloon and at around 9:30am we had a warm drink with a croissant in a local bakery! After this breathtaking experience, we went to a cheese factory in Affoltern im Emmental. We enjoyed a guided tour, with some samples. Buying a piece of Emmentaler cheese will never be the same for us after the explanation of the productions we had! Still having the smell of cheese in our nose, we walked up a hill to eat our lunch. Luckily for us, we drove back to the accommodation to have a powernap. Back in the balloon and cheese factory, we hadn’t got the chance to feel tired; but once we finished our lunch, we felt like we could sleep for the rest of the day. At 6:00pm we headed to Steinhof for an open-air BBQ. After dinner, we had a drink and a dessert offered by Willi and Susi with a lovely view over the lake of Burgäschi.

Delphine (Belgian Air Cadet)

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