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IACE 2019 – Day 12

IACE 2019 – Day 12

Like Thursday, we started today with a late breakfast, afterwards preparing for our ‘Farewell Dinner Presentations’ – we did this up until lunch. Since the weather was beautiful, our guides treated us to a BBQ in the sun. During lunch we were joined by the pilots and mechanics from the legendary DC3 ‘Swissair’, with its furnishings replicating how it would have looked when the aircraft was in commercial service from 1947 – half of the group were about to fly in the DC3. The other half flew in a Pilatus PC-12. There are huge differences in the aircraft, with one being vintage, whilst the other being a high end Business jet. Nonetheless the views were both incredible. After a shower and change into our formal attire, we headed to the hanger for our ‘Farewell Dinner Presentations’, here we introduced our selves and shared our experience over the last few days. Many of the IACE Switzerland sponsors were present and meeting them was real privilege allowing us to thank them for our unforgettable experiences.

Max (Belgium Cadet)

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