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”WIN – What Is Next?“

This has been my motto since I started my gliding training at the airfield in Olten. WIN helped me to prioritise decisions in many different situations in the cockpit and to end the flight safely and successfully under new or difficult conditions.

Not just in the cockpit, but in everyday life, young people inspired by aviation are confronted with important decisions time and again. Should I venture into the cockpit? Do I want a professional career or is flying just a hobby for me? And what challenge should I tackle next?

Taking part in International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) is an enormous challenge and a huge opportunity to obtain unique insights into aviation as well as the culture of other countries.

The IACE’s roots lie in post-World War II Europe. The idea of merging the young generations of pilots from different countries derives from this time. The exchange is intended to promote respect for other cultures and mutual understanding, as well as enabling international friendships around the globe. The joint interest in aviation forms the basis for this exchange.

Over the last seven decades, the world has changed, but the values and goals pursued by the IACE are more relevant now than ever. In an era of globalisation, international understanding, respect and dealing with different cultures, as well as a reliable network of international friendships, are of particular importance.

IACE has been making this possible since 1946 and will continue to do so.

My decision to apply to IACE when I was 19 has shaped my whole life and opened many doors for me. If you’re asking yourself the question WIN – What is next? Answer your own question with IACE and plunge into the fascinating international world of aviation.

Apart from sending cadets out into the world, it is just as important to present Switzerland to foreign visitors. This is a challenging but also very exciting and honourable task for which we are always looking for flying clubs asking themselves the WIN question.

You’ll find all the information you need for your future as an Air Cadet on this page: Rules and conditions of the exchange, application forms, addresses, lists of former participants and progress reports of previous years from all over the world and much more besides.
All the information required for future organisers of the Swiss Exchange can also be found on this page.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, you can find the addresses you need under Contact. Visit the IACE umbrella organisation at I hope I’ve inspired you with a passion for the good cause of the IACE: as a future Air Cadet, a helper or a sponsor. I look forward to welcoming you on board.

You will often ask yourself in life ”What is next?“. To be able to answer IACE is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Marisa Waldis
President IACE Switzerland