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Monat: August 2019

IACE 2019 – Day 16

Today was the last day of IACE 2019. After a last, once more tasty breakfast with Rösti and fried eggs at the Tennischugele, it was time to leave for Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the transfer could not be carried out by the Super Puma of the Swiss Air Force due to the bad weather. So we had…

IACE 2019 – Day 15

Today, we went to Dübendorf to visit Skyguide, a traffic control and formation center. We began the visit by a presentation of the role and the activities of Skyguide. Then we divided our group into smaller groups, to visit important places. The first one was a simulator to train students to become air traffic controllers.…

IACE 2019 – Day 14

We started the day of with breakfast at the Tennisschugele, we then proceeded to take an hour drive to the Pilatus factory. Yet again, the views on the way to Pilatus were fantastic. Once we arrived at the Pilatus factory, we met up with our tour guide Sam. He took us to a very nice…

IACE 2019 – Day 13

Setting an alarm at 4:00 o’ clock in the morning was quite a challenge. If it wasn’t for being on time for a balloon flight overhead Bern, we probably would not have been sat in the car up with a smile on our faces at 4:30am! At 5:30am we arrived at Bern airport to meet…

IACE 2019 – Day 12

Like Thursday, we started today with a late breakfast, afterwards preparing for our ‘Farewell Dinner Presentations’ – we did this up until lunch. Since the weather was beautiful, our guides treated us to a BBQ in the sun. During lunch we were joined by the pilots and mechanics from the legendary DC3 ‘Swissair’, with its…

IACE 2019 – Day 11

Today, several activities were offered to us. This morning, some of us flew glider with our Pilot Lars (even if the weather was not the best for gliding) while the others started the final presentation we will have to present at the Farewell Dinner tomorrow. Then, we had lunch at Tennischugele all together and some…

IACE 2019 – Day 10

Today was a quieter day than usual. We spent our day working on our country’s presentations, perfecting and practicing them throughout the day, asking each other for help and opinions from the rest of the group. Three of us however spent the day gliding with the Grenchen glider club, where we spent hours upon end…