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Monat: Juli 2019

IACE 2019 – Day 9

This morning we had the opportunity to visit the nuclear powerplant of Gösgen. Thanks to a member of security of the powerplant, we had an exclusive tour in all the important parts of the powerplant. We had three hours to visit the main stations, including an important time for security to enter the reactor, which…

IACE 2019 – Day 8

We started the day as any other with the breakfast. After which, we finished packing all our luggage for the return to Grenchen. The next hours were spent on the airport in Samedan. We had a planned visit to the REGA base stationed there, but they were on active duty at the time, but we…

IACE 2019 – Day 7

Today we woke up with the sun on our faces. Because of the nice weather in Switzerland, some of us just decided to go for a hike on Piz Nair. We ride on the cable car and walked to the top of the mountain (over 3000m AMSL). Woo! That’s really a beautiful view. Some of…

IACE 2019 – Day 6

Today was also a GREAT day! Luckily, we were all able to have a well-deserved lie in and having a later yet scrumptious breakfast at 9 o’clock. After our tanks were filled, we then headed to Pontresina. We listened to a classical music concert by the Camerata Pontresina where competitions such as those by Mozart…

IACE 2019 – Day 5

Another great day in Switzerland! After having a wonderful breakfast in our accommodation Inn Lodge, we went to Morteratsch by train for the geological tour at the glacier with Christine. Wow! With the sharing with Christine, we knew a lot of history about the glacier and also about Switzerland. Few questions from Christine really inspired…

IACE 2019 – Day 4

We started our day bright and early with breakfast at Restaurant Tennischugele. After our breakfast we took a scenic flight in the Super Puma over the Alps to the Engadin region. Our route took us from Grenchen (LSZG), Thun, Interlaken, Wengen, Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe), Aletsch Glacier, Gotthard Pass, Lukmanier Pass, Splügen and Maloja to…

IACE 2019 – Day 3

Today was a very special day for us. In fact, we had the opportunity to fly in light aircrafts owned by the Segel- and Motorfluggruppe Grenchen through the mountains of Switzerland from Grenchen to Gruyères, a special airfield to land on with its sportive approach. Then, we went to a place everyone was expecting, an…

IACE 2019 – Day 2

Today the first full day of our IACE adventure began with a guided tour of the wonderful historic city of Solothurn. The guided tour throughout the town taught us about the rich history of Solothurn and Switzerland. The tour guide was extremely polite and knowledgeable about the city and its history, giving us all a…

IACE 2019 – Day 1

The big day has finally arrived and IACE 2019 started! We met early in the morning at Grenchen Airport to bring the Swiss cadets to Frankfurt. Special thanks to the Swiss Air Force for offering the transfer by Super Puma! Our route took us from Grenchen Airport (LSZG) over Basel, Mannheim, Karlsruhe to Egelsbach (EDFE).…